Antechdesign wallpapers




Posting as a Request :wink:


I like this one particularly. Adding it to the 18.0 wallpaper package if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Hi oberon, sure, just be aware of the license ‘Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives’

If that’s a problem, Let me know :wink:


The manjaro-wallpapers package is GPL3, will that work? Or are there differences? Sorry, I’m not so firm with licenses … :eyeglasses:


If necessary we could of course adjust the licence for the wallpaper repo and package accordingly. Can you point me to the full license, maybe?


Its getting late here oberon, I will PM you tomorrow (Wednesday) with some details.

Thanks :wink:


Awesome, thanks @ant they all look great. The no logo is a great addition too. Thanks again.


Your Welcome Chris :wink:

The no logo was a request from a deviantart member, I always forget to do a no logo version.

Thank You



Please use the right resolution for you desktop or the carbon texture will look odd

Manjaro Badge with a Carbon Background - Download file for High Resolution image 16*9 view full screen for best image quality.