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These are really nice. Something about a dark pink that really makes a desktop pop. Thank you again.


Your welcome, if you need anything else, give us a shout!


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One for the Ladies!?


I like it very much, thank you, good work.


Not just for the ladies, that’s for everyone. Color is gorgeous - looks great with dark GTK themes. I think you know what I’m gonna ask for (Arch & Manjaro).


lol yes I know, Ive got it on my deepin desktop and its looks really nice with the dark theme.
Don’t worry about the other flavours they are on the way Pal, I need to eat…will do them later!



Thanks hanny :slight_smile:


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Requests & Feedback Welcome :slight_smile:

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These are very stylish!

Would a request be ok?

I’ve been wanting a wallpaper for the tiling window manager herbstluftwm (logo is that stylized windy tree) for some time. Preferrably with something neon/synthwave colorwise.


Thank you very much control, glad somebody likes them :slight_smile:

Reqests are fine, all I ask, is you link me to logos, text, images, colours, etc you may want in your design, kinda meet me half way :wink:

Thanks again


Thank you very much! :wink:

That is very reasonable. I’ll send you something later when I’m back from work. :slight_smile:


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manjaro_noise_by_ant is awesome well done! Got any i3 ones :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!


Sure, what did you have in mind?


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