Another KDE Global Shortcuts question

Hi, I read through all the KDE global shortcut questions here but couldn’t find an answer to my question.

I know there have been some updates to shortcuts, no problem there. I made a bunch of shortcuts to run various scripts about a year ago, and they all still work. I can also confirm they’re present in kglobalshortcutsrc. I do however not see them in settings/shortcuts/custom shortcuts.

I’m wondering why and how do I get them to show up in there?


Have a look here

Hi thanks, I saw that post as well. It doesn’t answer how to maintain the original custom shortcuts that still work but are no longer visible in the shortcuts menu. Will that be added back later?

Your older custom shortcuts got added to the Shortcuts to line up with the new Settings scheme, that is why they still work and are there (i think i understood you correctly since you mentioned the file kglobalshortcutsrc). When installing the khotkeys you get back the Custom Shortcuts entry in Settings, but the list is not backwards compatible AFAIK, hence will not be displayed there. khotkeys is no longer a requirement and it even might get obsolete …

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So what is best, remove the old shortcuts from kglobalshortcutsrc manually and re-add or just leave it?

If is not broken, why fixing it? :slight_smile:

Fair enough but with upcoming changes and maybe deprecation of khotkeys I’d rather be safe than sorry ;}