Another handy formatting button for kbd

As it makes explaining what to type in the terminal while providing support to some issues, i make a lot of use of the html tag kbd, this is rendered differently from the pre and code tags on modern browsers.

  • this vs this
    `this` vs <kbd>this</kbd>

I assume more people would use it if they knew about it.
So could this be added to the toolbar of the editor of the replies, with some icon of a keyboard :keyboard: for example? :wink:
(The forum changes the unicode U+2328 used in the above icon, so it’s not displayed correctly.)

It’s just a better (proper) way of indicating keyboard input instead of terminal output…


I use the kbd tags from time to time, when I write instructions involving keyboard shortcuts.
It’s usually way better than SHIFT+CTRL :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just searching the forum for this exact same thing. :slight_smile:

When I type the kbd tag, like Apply, the background isn’t grey. Did you apply an additional tag or style? Never mind, it’s different in the preview.

Also in the post,, for example, @freggel.doe uses the code tag, but where did the syntax highlighting come from and the grey background? A blockquote changes the quotes.

Test - hmlt tags, markdown

grep -rn "/home/$OLDLOGIN/"  # code block -  using ``` 
grep -rn "/home/$OLDLOGIN/"  # lead with 4 spaces

grep -rn "/home/$OLDLOGIN/" # inline code with ` `

@Yochanan, ahhh, markdown, well that explains a lot :slight_smile:

To learn a user can view the markup in the raw post:, where 42822 is the topic id and 1 is the post id.

It’s Markdown, not HTML. :wink:

grep -rn “/home/$OLDLOGIN/”


grep -rn "/home/$OLDLOGIN/"

Or using the Preformatted text button </> uses 4 spaces before a line:

grep -rn "/home/$OLDLOGIN/"