Another freeoffice discussion

Problem is: why adding snap, flatpak and FreeOffice instead of LibreOffice?

Removing packages in post-install is a burden. In an ideal world, you'll just have to add updates and translations.

Manjaro Architect is harder to use because it is text based -> it will keep newcomers out of Manjaro. It is sad.

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What's the issue having snap, flatpak enabled? You said in other post that not everyne is a "geek" like you. So?

I don't say anything about FreeOffice because I said everything about this silly drama in the other post. Financial stuff.

Just provides 3 ways to install the same software and wait a little. It will become sooner or later a problem.

Silly drama? For money, you replace a fully working software by a crippled one.

It reminds me an album by Frank Zappa:'re_Only_in_It_for_the_Money

As @dglt said, this is not for discussing. Manjaro architect is harder to use than Calamares.

We get it, you don't like freeoffice. You don't need to post about it in every thread.

I understand the frustration, but "making noise" all over the forum doesn't help.

The consensus on the forum is pretty clear already.


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