Annoying green line (below KDE window title bar)



There is a annoying green line between the header of an application and the application itself. This applies to some applications (such as firefox, kdenlive and dolphin), and not to others (audacity and system settings)

What can I do about this???


Try using a different theme to see if that resolves the problem.


Search the forum for “kde green line” and you’ll find it’s a KDE setting:

This was an issue several months ago, which means you’re not keeping your system up-to-date.

Please keep your system up-to-date or switch to a frozen-pool distro.



bash -c "{
    echo \"[Windeco]\"
    echo \"DrawTitleBarSeparator=false\"
} > ~/.config/breezerc"

@ADepic :wink:


I actually like that line.

It changes color depending on your theme. :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes a nice separator. Too damn many windows running around open–I need all the help I can get. :wink:

When will the world revolve back around to 3-D themes?


I literally installed Manjaro on my new built PC today…
However the ISO image was from a month ago.
However I installed all the updates from octopi and my kernal is 4.16 so I don’t see where else the system is out of date


Ah! Then all is forgiven. :slight_smile:

And welcome to Manjaro. :wink:


Oh, I have been using manjaro for a year now on my 5 year old potato.

Today however I finished building my really powerful PC, and obviously with the great experiences I have had with Manjaro KDE I went straight for mnajaro KDE.


I can confirm it’s still there in Breeze theme on 17.1.8 ISO, simple to fix though as per philm’s link above.


Oh wait there is a draw seperator option…
How well the green line is now gone.

Thanks everyone.

BTW, I have to say this is probably one of the best communities I have ever come across


When an atomic war had been started due to some operator that could not discriminate two windows due to flat design and no active/inactive window colours + around 2000 years.

3D design brought so much usability with it. But instead they continue to make flat designs worse with monochrome icons everywhere.

Best (=worst) example to date, the recent rollout of the new MS Office at my workplace. You had a “colorful” theme (with one flat window/titlebar and the rest was midsummer night at the polar circles) the other one was bright (same contrastless snow desert design minus the color of the window/titlebar) and dark grey (the only acceptable one contrast-wise). The latter was a bit depressing but at least borderline usable; funnily it made visible how much screen estate waste the new design has). None of the themes discriminates in any obvious way active from inactive windows (despite of tiny details of the window buttons), none of them allows to spot the exact window if you have some of them staggered, it’s a giant black block and hitting the right window is a … ähm … hit or miss.


material UI clones are everywhere. It’s amazing how many icon themes are trying to ape that. I like classic 3D icons too, One of my favourite GTK themes for MATE for example is Blue-Submarine with which I tended to use Gnome-Colors-Brave Blue.


Yes! I was struck by that in my recent foray into Windows Spring Update 2018, which is MS’ best Win 10 to date, but still the wasted screen real estate and the inconsistent theming just within their own product was very off-putting after the congruity of GTK and QT themes in GNOME & Plasma.


My suggestion would be to send the “designer” of this white hell to the south-pole, when the sun shines bright there, deprive him of his sunglasses and let him stumble for several days through the ice desert. After he has fallen over around 100 hidden edges and steps, he will be sent back to his designer bureau where he can undo the usability crimes termed colourful theme and white theme.

MS should be sued for waste of screen estate and wasted man hours for these borked up design fails with no possibility (at least not in my work environment) to define such simple things like user interface colours (which was possible from Windows 98 on if not earlier).

I can admit that they implemented really nice functions, but why, oh why do they fail so utterly at things that they mastered before?


Oh, and now a kid who thinks people “deserve” things (escpecially punishment)


Punishment? No. Enlightenment!



Sending someone to antarctica isn’t a punishment?


Did I say send him there naked?


you said deprived of sunglasses and you said to make he stumble over 100 hidden edges and steps…