Announcements for 'Minor' Software

I have been reading the Announcements forum for a little while and have noticed that major changes to the OS are announced, but it seems that additional/optional software (like texStudio, for instance) are not always. I am wondering if updates to these additional packages occur without an announcement. Since my computer is not often connected to the internet, I’d like to be able to only connect when needed. Thank you.

If your system is not always connected - good old modem days - then your system is not at risk the same way another system would be.

To address your question - stable branch is snapped at approx 4 weeks interval. Stable branch won’t get any updates other than fasttracked security updates.

So taking your example - the package may be updated from Arch but then it would only be available to those on unstable branch - and secondly testing - and then finally snapped to stable.

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Why would you want to read through every package change when package manager will show you exactly what needs to be updated?

Anyhow, there is a link to a detailed list in first post of every announcement, so read it again, thoroughly.

I think only the most important programs are mentioned in the post. Like browsers because that’s mostly the only program people need. You already knew that by calling it “minor”.

Your special case TexStudio is not used by as many people so there would be a post similar to yours but complaining about too much information in the update posts.

There’s always the packages mailing list. :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the suggestions. They have assured me that the excellent update system will work for my situation.

All packages receive constant updates. Announcement only synthesize the important changes. When I notice a specific program receive an update and want more info, I go directly to the GitHub or other official page to have these info.