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So, to be clear, I have tried Android on this Laptop, and it sucks, so I would like to run an Emulator on here, and it seems the best option is Android Studio. The download for Linux is a tar.gz file. How do I install Android Studio on Manjaro?

pamac build android-studio

Seriously, it's in the AUR.

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Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDE.

As with all JetBrains IDEs if you want to stay out of trouble download the tar.gz file and unpack it into a folder in your home or another path/partition which have write permissions for.

Then execute the launcher from the unpack-folder/bin/

Installing from AUR is the guaranteed path to trouble when you want to install/update the SDK and emulators.

If you are missing the shortcut then close any project you have open then click the Configure menu in the bottom of the window and select the option for creating a launcher.

Hm, care to elaborate?
I did install Android Studio from AUR, via yay. And there have been a few updates since which yay picked up flawlessy.
Should I change my approach?

If it works for you it is great

It is never a good choice to install development apps in writeprotcted system areas like /opt/. It always ends with - this or that cannot be updated without sudo - which again creates other issues.

From time tme to time the application will be updated - the SDK and fhe different emulators. When you install in /opt you wil get issues with permissions. You will also get issues when you try updating the SDK and the emulators - every file installed in structure which is -ro.

Instead I recommend installing at separate partition of your which have read/write for the user you will use.

Unpack the app and when that is finish you navigate to the unpacked folder and inside bin folder you start the app's launcher.

I did not have my glasses on - sorry.

I may try the direct install route, just to see how this plays out :slight_smile:
I noticed that Android-Studio does notify when new releases are available so I won't miss out on upgrades...

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