Android Studio installed but no shortcut

Hello all,

I recently installed IntelliJ IDEA CE and after that, I wanted to install Android Studio, not realizing that Android Studio is basically IntelliJ with a few differences. So, I went to the Android Studio website and downloaded the Linux package, ran the setup *.sh file, the install went through perfectly, but now, under the Applications > Development category, I have 2 IntelliJ shortcuts (both shortcuts open IntelliJ, one of the shortcuts has a generic "no icon available" icon and one has the target to "idea" and the other to the directory on the drive) and no Android Studio shortcut. Android Studio is in fact installed because if I run the install *.sh file again, that runs Android Studio.

Is there any way to get rid of the second IntelliJ install and shortcut and get the Android Studio install to appear in the app category? I'm using Manjaro KDE.

Thank you!

Have you uninstalled "IntelliJ IDEA CE" ?

No, because I'd like to keep both :frowning:

just in case ...

try uninstalling both, the reinstall them, but android studio first

Thing is, I don't know how to uninstall Android Studio...

You should find this information in the android studio website/forum

Why are you installing from the website? intellij-idea-community-edition is in the Arch community repo and android-studio is in the AUR. They should not conflict.

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You shouldn't be installing from the website for any programs, you should be installing from the Manjaro repo, AUR, or making your own PKGBUILD. If there are no maintainers for the packages you need, then usually the github/gitlab/website tells you how to build the package, and you'd want to make a PKGBUILD so that it shows up in your package manager.

Because you installed via the website package, you'll have to look on their website on how to uninstall it.


Thank you all for the help. I did manage to uninstall Android Studio manually, by erasing all of it's files and then reinstalled it from AUR. THank you all for the help! I love this community! :blush:

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