Android app on Anbox scaling


Do anyone know a fix for the scalling of my Belgium Bank app, it has it’s own keyboard and it don’t fit on the buttom of the PinePhone i can not access a row of numbers on the keyboard.


I have done limited testing but nothing involving the anbox windows scales here. It did help for me to raise my monitor’s resolution for all of some programs windows to be viewed.


I found a perfect fix on some website from a guy that was testing Anbox with Mobian, and he told : You can temporarily (until the next restart) the Phosh UI element overlay issue by running adb shell wm overscan 0,35,0,3

Indeed then everything is prefect fitting only now i need to found a way to make this automatic when Anbox startup…

I just have found a fix for now also when my PinePhone reboot the leyboard seem to be fine.

What i have done:

Adding into the /lib/systemd/user/anbox-session-manager.service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/anbox session-manager
ExecStart=/usr/bin/adb shell wm overscan 0,35,0,35

And then i have reboot.

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