` and ^ don't react in Firefox

The keys just don’t react and they work everywhere else. I am assuming this is because they have to pressed twice. Somehow this isn’t registered. Why could this be?

On my side these keys work in Firefox.


Maybe see if issue could be corrected with some system settings, keyboard loayout, something like that?


Try a new profile on Firefox. Try on a new user on your linux machine.

If neither of these solve the problem then the issue lies in some system configuration.

Yeah, I had to set “German (no dead keys)” in the Plasma keyboard settings. Weird that I don’t have any issues with another application.

But now I can’t combine them to á, à or â anymore. Weird that this works everywhere else but Firefox.

@sour Already tried a new profile. Doesn’t help.

Ah, I had to log out and then delete the profile. Else it would always get reloaded. The errors are gone now.

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