Anbox not starting

Hi I am using 4.19 kernel I installed kernel module from github anbox-module after that I installed ambox-image then anbox-git. Now I am running it I shows

Failed to connect Socket /run/anbox-container.socket. no such file or Directery.

How do I fix this error.
I have tried 5.9 kernel but on it I can add kernel module.
Any suggestions will help me alot

There’s quite a few threads about users having issues with anbox, most have tried custom kernels. It’s not ideal but the easiest way to install anbox is to use the snap version

Thanks for help, but I am using fish as default shell and Idk how I install as First I tried scrcpy then I gave error
Cannot query current apparmor profile : invalid argument
And now with anbox no command anbox, how I fix this
I fix snap and add line for it on
But I then also no anbox command

I think I am not using correct command to install anbox from snap can you plz tell me

Have you enabled snap support in the pamac gui? That’s the easiest way, if you don’t have the option then you need to install the snap plugin first, that’s in the pamac gui as well if it’s not installed by default

How I do it

Open pamac gui (add or remove software) and search for pamac-snap-plugin. If its not installed install it and restart pamac. Reopen pamac and go to preferences here you can enable snap support and then snaps will be available in pamac

I did sudo systemctl start anbox-container-manager.Service and enabled it with same command . I saw this on github it fix my problem Thanks for helping me

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