Anbox module not installing

Hi, i am new to linux . I have 5.9 kernel running and fish as default shell. I wanted to install anbox but when i install its module with yay -S anbox-module-dkms-git it comes an error
-> Could not find all required packages: anbox-module-dkms-git (Target)
using dkms also i was not able to install binder and ashmem module.
pls help me

This package no longer exists in the AUR, use the 5.10 kernel and follow the new procedures to install/use Anobox in the 5.10+ kernels


5.10 crashed on my system

When ever I use 5.10 it Show black screen

The 5.9 kernel also works with the new procedure, with no need for dkms modules.


I was not able to enable binder and ashmem module using modprode or dkms

See information about it here.


It gives error Module binder-linux not found in directory /lib/modules/
I think I need those modules plz help

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Ok sorry, plz rply

Before using the modprobe command, do the steps in Mounting binderfs, and read all the information, if you follow them, Anbox will work.


@tioguda I was not able Mount it I think I need to have ashmem and binder module plz tell me How I install them

I also have this issue. I can’t install linux-zen because it’s not found (not in manjaro repos?) It seems like the only things I’m missing are the two kernel modules, notably ashmem and binder.
btw I use 5.10.36-2-MANJARO

The kernel must support Anbox modules, no extra modules are needed. If the kernel supports Anbox, follow these steps.

If you used the above commands and got errors, your kernel probably doesn’t support Anbox.

Note: At the moment Anbox only works with lxc 4.0.6, the version in the repository is currently incompatible.

i just lower my kernel and install modules

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