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I am new to linux and I am having a bit of an issue. I have installed anbox from the AUR but when I try to launch it it pulls up with the starting screen then closes. When I try and open it from the terminal I get the error message below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[session_manager.cpp:147@operator()] Failed to start as either binder or ashmem kernel drivers are not loaded


First port of call for all AUR issues should be the AUR package page. In this case,

$ pacaur -Ss anbox
aur/anbox-git 1:r702.3cf7d60-1 (58, 10.15)
    Running Android in a container
aur/anbox-modules-dkms-git 1:r702.3cf7d60-1 (58, 10.15)
    Required kernel module sources for Android

that would be

On that page we read:

so I suspect you need to install that package too, given


Ok thanks for pointing that out. How would I get these modules so I can add them.


It’s another package. Install it in the same way you installed anbox-git.


I added all 3 packages from AUR but when I look at the log it states No Kernel 4.9.47-1-rt37-MANJARO modules. You must install them to use DKMS. How can I find these, I searched AUR with no results.


I guess it mean the kernel headers to build the DKMS modules

Which are called linux-rt-lts-manjaro-headers for your kernel and it is in the official repo


I was able to run yaourt -s linux-headers and install the headers needed expect when I install the headers 4.9.47_rt37-1 at the end I get the message No kernel 4.9.47-1-rt37-MANJARO modules still. I checked AUR from the repo and it shows I have them installed as well. When I try and Launch Anbox from the terminal by anbox session-manager I get an error message [daemon.cpp:58@Run] Failed to connect to socket /run/anbox-container.socket: No such file or directory


Take a step back and read the original AUR page carefully, taking note of all the dependencies packages required. If other AUR packages are dependencies then repeat the process.

Don’t just rush into an AUR installation like a bull in a china shop, basically button mashing your way through the install process, good way to mess up your system.

Arch wiki is your best reference for concepts you don’t understand, or just ask here.


This is because Anbox isn’t running.


Not true. That package does not exist in the repo or even in the AUR.

You need to install linux-lts-manjaro-headers like @Lolix mentioned above.
And then reboot and try again.


Maybe Im confusing headers and modules. When I check the install the last line states
"No kernel 4.9.47-1-rt37-MANJARO modules. You must install them to use DKMS!"
Where or how can I find this?


Now then.

We could provide a step-by-step guide on how to install Anbox, assuming we can get the necessary information about your system (e.g. you’re running the RT kernel which means you may have made other changes).


You can do some research and try to work out the missing steps for yourself. Each forum member who has chosen this approach has come back more satisfied with their experience because they know they understand the parts better than they would if they copied and pasted lines from a post into a terminal.

So - which is it to be?


When I first installed I notice I had the same message above just for 4.9.50-1-MANJARO. After running the yaourt -s linux-headers and installing core/linux49-headers 4.9.50-1 and then reinstalling from AUR the dkms install no problem but I still cant get the 4.9.47-1-rt37 modules to install.


I would like to have a better understanding but can you point me in a direction that will get me on track.


It sounds to me, like you have both regular kernel and the RT kernel installed.

Is that correct?
If so, you would need the headers for each of them to install other kernel modules, like Anbox’s Android kernels.


To be honest im not sure I just downloaded it from distowatch based on a friends recommendation. when I run uname -r the output is 4.9.50-1-MANJARO but when I install anbox below is what is at the bottom.

Install DKMS modules
==> No kernel 4.9.47-1-rt37-MANJARO modules. You must install them to use DKMS!
==> dkms install anbox-modules-binder/r705.df774db -k 4.9.50-1-MANJARO
==> dkms install anbox-modules-ashmem/r705.df774db -k 4.9.50-1-MANJARO
==> No kernel 4.9.47-1-rt37-MANJARO modules. You must install them to use DKMS!
Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate…
Transaction successfully finished.


To list your installed kernels

mhwd-kernel -li


I am currently running 4.9.51-1-MANJARO (linux49)


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