An interview with Philip Müller


Too bad I cannot understand a single word…


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Maybe translate it into german…


I liked it. Philip seems much more relaxed when speaking his native language. I don’t speak German, but similarities with Dutch and some German in school made me unstand pretty much all of it. They also speak in a relaxed pace, which helps. Was fun to watch!


It comes always with practise. With English I still have to think before answering. However I’m getting better with this.


Your english is very good nontheless. :slight_smile:


Ich hab’s verstanden. :wink:


The interview is about how Philip started his career, it is about Manjaro, how things work from getting the Arch packages until Manjaro stable and it is about the laptop which will arrive this month.

I do agree. I also saw the other interview some weeks ago and this one was better. But that’s normal when you are able to speak your native language. Problem is, not everyone understands German.

One thing more: Philip also spoke about the possibilities to donate money :+1: , or help in other ways like translating, helping others in the forum, and even programming.


It is also the situation, now most uncertainty and stress are (hopefully) gone and you can relax.


We will shoot some stuff from England when Bernhard and I are with StationX. Also we have still the possibility to do a community hangout in one of Londons Pubs next week near Kings Cross.


From Denmark - alles verstehen :slight_smile:


Maybe you should do a separate post about it will be easier to track @philm


Even though I don’t speak German, it was nice to see and hear the “creator” of the distro I am using! The only other person I have ever seen that has created a distro is Daniel Robbins of Gentoo, now Funtoo. I have donated to Manjaro - I typically donate to a distro I feel is a worthwhile addition to the Linux OS landscape and Manjaro is definitely a worthwhile addition. Thanks!

Motorhead fan as well :metal:


English interview:


Nice interview and nice to get a bit of background to the Manjaro project that is not immediately obvious from the site or documentation :slight_smile:


Done: London Trip Week 41