An EFI system partition is necessary to start manjaro


Hello Linux fans.

I have currently a dual boot system , windows 8 and linux mint 18. It is UEFI and boots correctly

When I attempt to install manjaro from usb stick and chose the manual partition features
I set sda10 as root and sda11 as /home

When I click install I get a warning
“An EFI system partition is necessary to start manjaro”

The thing is that I do have and EFI system partition. gparted image from linux mint


Do you actually set the mount point for your EFI partition as /boot/efi? IIRC the installer won’t do that automatically.


Yes you should make sure it is selected as the ESP (but do not format it)


Got it. Installing without the efi warning. Fingers crossed;)


Yesss! Now triple booting ok. Thanks for the help.