An easy way for dual graphic cards

Hey guys,

for the past 2-3 years I tried so many methods to deal with my dual graphics cards and I cannot find an easy way out of this. Installing the hybrid-prime from Manjaro settings is…well…it uses the Intel grahpics and if I want to run other applications with the Nvidia one, I have to start them via the terminal with “DRI_PRIME=1”. I cannot choose to only use the Nvidia card for example. I cannot switch in an easy way from one to another.

I know about this Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro and this GitHub - dglt1/optimus-switch-gdm: modified version to work with gdm/gnome. includes install script. made for manjaro linux. and other such solutions but none is easy really. For a newcomer these are out of the question.

So, a few years later, is there an easy way to say use only 1 graphics card? Or have them autoswitch when is needed?

Following the wiki page, it’s stated you can modify a .desktop shortcut and add Exec=DRI_PRIME=1 AppName and that will have it auto switch when that shortcut is used. I think that’s the easiest you can get it with the current state of drivers. I could be wrong though

I find optimus-manager relatively straightforward to install and use.

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I know. Thanks. But it seems a bit cumbersome to do that for all apps you want to run with prime. Plus, the .desktop files may change when these apps update.

That’s the one I tried many times, but I still have to tinker it here and there, and yesterday (the last time I tried it), I could not make my laptop run on the nvidia drivers. It froze after login and I tried their debugging and I could not fix it…

I0ve heard Ubuntu and PopOS deal with dual graphics better and you can switch between the two relatively easy. I suppose they use optimus manager?

Unfortunately, we cannot help based on only this much information.

They don’t use optimus-manager, but the scripts they use do essentially the same or very similar thing.

You heard wrong. They basically cloned what optimus-switch, optimus-manager or that other one were able to do in Arch/Manjaro for quite a long while.

A copied .desktop file in HOME will not be touched … it will stay over updates.
(copy existing .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications then edit)
Same can be said for creating an alias.

Why do you want to lanuch so many things with the dGPU?
Its rare to find a scenario in which more than some 3D apps really should be used.


Kdenlive, OBS Studio, Blender, perhaps Firefox fo better video streaming, and many applications that I am testing. I test hundreds of apps across a months-period of time.

True. Is only that you have to create one for every app that you want to use with the GPU.

I still dont understand.
You can choose to use one gpu or the other.
(whether through utilities or if your BIOS supports turning one off)
You can choose to use one or the other on a per-application basis.
(either on-the-fly or by saved configuration)
You wont find a better scenario on Ubuntu or elsewhere.
What else do you want?

A simple way to do these. Like to select from the OS itself which card to use. As far as I know, Ubuntu or PopOS have such a tool integrated into their system. On Manjaro I probably have to install and setup something like optimus-manager, right?

I have got as far as getting the black screen after attempting to switch to nvidia. I have the 390xx utıls package and kernel 5.4 lts. I have found that nvidia-modesetting cannot find the EDID of the laptop screen. It only happens on some bios, according to some people. . people running Xfce dont seem to be having the people running KDE. for me I am trying to work out how to get nvidia-modesetting to find the EDID. I have removed bumblebee and the hybrid driver. and installed the 390xx already on kde. but this seems not to work at all with optimus with the reset just rebooting the intel driver and card. the next step is to remove the nvidia drivers completely and do a system wide purge of nvidia and install a pure nvidia driver from their website. this has worked for one user of Xfce. i will let you know.

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Don’t use firefox with nvidia, unless you don’t want hardware video decoding. I have very similar use cases to yours. I have edited about half a dozen applications in kde menu editor to launch with dedicated graphics card. It persists across updates too. With kdenlive, I even made a new menu entry so I have 2 entries now, one with dedicated graphics card and one with integrated

I’m having a similar issue, where my dGPU appears to not being used by even the more demanding tasks, such as games.
I’ve read about ways to use only the dGPU or select it from an easy-to-access menu, but I wish the autoswitch worked properly, since using the dGPU all the time could significantly impact battery life.
I agree Manjaro doesn’t make it easy for newcomers or people without extended knowledge on Linux for the user to make this feature work