AMDVLK v-2019.Q2.3 Release

For those interested it's that time again. I have built the latest version of amdvlk and lib32-amdvlk for Manjaro.

This was released by AMD around 3hrs ago, so far there have been no issues in my testing. Obviously use at your own discretion.

New feature and improvement:

LLPC compile time optimization
Update Vulkan header to 1.1.106
Enable shader cache to disk for Dawn of War3
Performance tuning for game Thrones of Britannia
Add option to use GpuHeapGartUswc for the pipeline uploader

Original AMD release.


How is the driver different than vulkan-radeon from mesa?

To me it seems like 2 drivers for the same thing.

It’s produced by AMD themselves. So it’s hardware manufacturer created not community based.

It offers far better performance in some games vs radv (obviously worse in other too). So it gives choice for gamers.

Why wouldn't AMD merge them into one?

amdvlk and radv (mesa) are completely different drivers.
It depends on the game which one is better.
At the moment, radv is the better default option, but amdvlk is gaining quality and performance.
Both are opensource though and both benefit of the work done on the other one.

The main advantage of amdvlk at the moment is faster release cycles so we can get newer Vulkan releases earlier then with mesa.

radv was created because Airlie at mesa did not want to wait for AMD to opensource their AMDVLK driver and AMD took longer then intended in doing so due to low ressources.

Merging them is more or less impossible as far as I can see because the difference is too huge. Time will tell which one will be the "winner".


That's fair enough.

Thanks for explaining.

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Moved from #support-for-community-editions:unofficial-spins to #showcase as this is not an unofficial spin of Manjaro

I’ve just bumped the packages to correct an issue of AMD not exposing the correct API version.

It shouldn’t make much of a difference unless you’re using something expecting vulkan 1.1.106 instead of the reported 1.1.105 :wink:


don't have time to compile it for the next 4 hours, maybe you manage before I have time.

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I was just jumping into bed when they released it. I have it compiled and uploaded to my github, about to make a post for it. :wink:


great, because my time management collapsed and now I am at work again without having had time to compile or test ^^