AMDGPU improvements for Manjaro OUTDATED


We dont have glvnd yet in Manjaro/Arch. I dont really get what you mean.


I am getting some strange message during boot since some days, but not on every boot:

What can I do to find the reason for that and fix the problem?


I’ve been getting the exact same message for several months. I just ignore it, things seem to be working fine anyways.


Is there a way to limit frame rate with amdgpu? Would be useful for when freesync support rolls around


Thats up to the client. But with freesync, the idea is that there is no limit and both (GPU+display) handle that by themself


amd’s driver on windows has a frame target, the problem with freesync is that if you go over the upper limit of the monitor it will start vsyncing which is bad for games that depends on reaction times


you should be able to set a frame limit in games. But usually it should not start to vsync, but use the displays maximum framerate in freesync and stop then, just like it is now with vsync when the display reports "it can handle 60,75,120,144 the graphicscard tries to reach this and stopps then.


Freesync limits frames, my Acer 2k screen, freesync, 144Hz never lets the card produce more then 144fps in Windows.


But is that not vsync limiting it to 144fps?
here is a quote from pcper “So let’s talk about that. Though it doesn’t exist, imagine if you would a matching 2560x1080 75 Hz monitor with G-Sync support. When your game is capable of rendering above 75 Hz, say the same 85 FPS mentioned above, then you would be forced into a VSync enabled state. NVIDIA has currently decided that the experience of VSync on at the peak refresh rate of the monitor is the best experience for the gamer. On the AMD FreeSync monitor we have though you could instead choose to disable VSync, bringing about a return of horizontal screen tearing but giving you the lowest possible input latency and the highest possible rendered frame rates. It’s likely that many gamers would choose to disable VSync in this case; it’s the typical PC gamer configuration with standard displays and it’s also less likely that tearing will impact your experience when the frame rates and refresh rates are both high.”


[quote=“Tids, post:725, topic:7890, full:true”]We dont have glvnd yet in Manjaro/Arch. I dont really get what you mean.
[/quote]Mhh… reading better how glvnd works, it’s not quite the same of mhwd replacing GL libraries when needed…

Anyway, a bug is pending now.


I know. What if mhwd tries to replace the libgl, when glvnd is enabled? Another thing is how will this work for bumblebee users? :confused:


[quote=“Tids, post:735, topic:7890, full:true”]What if mhwd tries to replace the libgl, when glvnd is enabled? [/quote]I’d expect mhwd to just treat glvnd like any other GL lib.
So you can still cycle through non-compliant drivers (I’m looking at you fglrx), yet use it for everything else.

I even wonder if glvnd driver couldn’t even not need to tinker with original package before shipping.

[quote=“Tids, post:735, topic:7890, full:true”] Another thing is how will this work for bumblebee users? :confused:[/quote]The only thing I could find is a guy claiming this should even supersede it.


I guess this is real good news, 3 full time employees at Valve now working on AMD opensource stack:

and also that one will be good for us:

and also, VEGA is on its way:

unfortunately, still no real good news for DC/DAL except that there is still a lot of work going into it:

but they still try:


Nice thing … I was trying the Dolphin Emulator (since i still own Zelda TP, but my Wii is broken).

BAD performance. Only 1-7FPS. So i tried the experimental Vulkan renderer: 30FPS (Thets the native maximum of Wii) and it works so good and doesnt seems to have a great impact of the Graphicscard at all. Nice to have Radv around in such a state.


with mesa 17 radv has improved a lot in dota it went from unplayable (~40FPS) to bearable (~60FPS) but it still is worse than OGL


@Tids some time ago i tested your driver and i got a pink line on the left of the screen (prob u remember). Are there any updates on the driver? is it ok to test it now? (Sapphire R9 270 Dual-X 2GB, currently catalyst)


And i dont think that will change soon. The game itself is made for OpenGL. So maybe with a next-gen Engine this will really change but right now we only can expect a few frames more.

Thats why i was really surprised with dolphin-emu. Its optimized for Nvidia-OpenGL, so AMD/Intel gets that bad performance. In Vulkan you can not optimize for one type of hardware and that boosts the framerates. (Same story with DOOM)

No updates for my package, but the driver is inside the kernel and so there is an update with every new kernel release. If its still there, make sure that you report your bug to and


Mhh no. It’s just amd/intel never bothered to have a fully functional (ie also “exotic” extensions) GL driver in the first place. The same (if not worse due to graphical corruption) happens with basically every other emulator, and more in general any GL software they couldn’t make a dedicated profile for.

First, optimizing means making it faster for X, not slowing things down for non-X.
Second, I don’t really know what’s different in programming for Vulkan man.

If you want to overload tessellation unit, you are free to do so. If you want to make massive use of async shaders, too. The question if any is when that is justified by actual gains and when not.

Unable to load GNOME 17.0.1 LIVE-Session x86_64

So everyone has only developed for Nvidia (because of working drivers) and so it is Nvidia optimized.

I tried to say that devs didnt care about amd and intel, when it came to linux. Take wine as a big example: they often talked about they only support and build on nvidia because of the drivers.

btw …
A nice talk was from David Airlie at 2017


Let me quote myself here: