[AMD] The end of Catalyst support is near

We are always trying to provide the best proprietary drivers for our supported hardware. However, with linux52 it seems we can't compile catalyst anymore. We always had those reported as warning, with the 5.2 kernel series, it was switched to errors.

We will see if amdgpu pro might work for us. By dropping catalyst support, we will also remove the workarounds and special xorg-server we maintained to keep this driver working.

Does anyone still use this driver?

  • catalyst is still needed!
  • you may drop catalyst for good

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If you feel like continuing forward porting fglrx is an unjustified burden on your shoulders, I am fine with it and I perfectly understand your decision (put aside that the usual npfeiler might as usual fix this "for free")

Removing support even for "previous kernels users" seems overkill though.
In fact, as I already said, it even seems backwards to drop the X downgrade mechanism.

I can see why someone may not care about my appeals for that few <Tesla nvidia cards out there. But the moment the next Xorg version releases, it will be a carnage. You can forget about usable Tesla and maybe also Fermi (not to mention manjarox32 will have to use nouveau for every card).

p.s. amdgpu-pro has been recently ported to arch btw. More is always better than less I guess, but I hope you know that (contrarily to catalyst) it doesn't really make possible anything that you couldn't already do with open drivers



Welcome to 2016, the end of catalyst support on Linux...... Except for Manjaro :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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