AMD Ryzen iGPU freeze when using intensive work

I have a miniPC with AMD Ryzen with Vega ‘Renoir’ iGPU and using 5.19.7 I have a problem watching videos with a Firefox browser, acceleration enabled, randomly. Using as normal without watching videos never happened. (I wan’t to speech to high).

When happens, the kernel logs I have a lots of ‘[gfxhub0] no-retry page fault’ and desktop freeze, only respond running a tty and reboot o force poweroff.

I found a Reddit thread for now with the same problem and recommend using 5.18 or lower or LTS kernel, I uninstalled the 5.19.x and I using 5.15 LTS and I watched some videos from Youtube and seems not happens anymore but is a lottery. The iGPU temperature is aprox 34ºC, not hot.

Can this related with more than kernel, kernel and combination of bugged firmware?.

I’m using a Slimbook ONE Ryzen with CPU and iGPU it says and the beginning. I have added the following parameters to the kernel line:

amdgpu.noretry=0 amd_iommu=on iommu=pt

Y tested the same scenario with a Intel PC with i5 6ª gen and works perfect, is a AMD related bug.

Sorry for my english.

I have recently pushed my luck - buying an AMD Graphic card - as my experience with AMD as been very prejudiced over the years - so I thought I would see if it would work for me.

My first thought is firmwaree and so you are on to something - so first you are off to hunt for any possible update to your system firmware.

Slimbook and miniPC is not two phrases I connect with eachother but what do I know.

I am tempted to test AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO when the ThinkStation P620 has peaked and prices drop to a reasonable level.