AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and Radeon RX 5700 XT support

I tried it on kernel 5.3-rc1 and the previous mesa-git release. havent updated today yet though. these were my results: Manjaro won’t boot with Radeon 5700XT

I'll keep you guys updated. Don't have a second GPU though- currently running an APU- so I can't test the Ryzen 3700X until the RX5700XT works. From what I've heard it's having a lot fewer issues though.

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The reference card looks DOPE though and its pretty cheap for the specs. AIB cards seem too big for my tiny case from what I've seen on previous releases as well. For me, the ref card is the right one.

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I have a giganamous case so I have room to spare. I want a nice shiny AIB with twin turboprops on it. :wink:

Makes you happy, then that's awesome.

I have bad memories of my long dead vega 56.
Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :scream::sob:

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Yeah, I'm in college halfway across the country from my family, so carting a massive tower across the country 6 times a year wasn't really an option. I'm using a little ITX HTPC case with no drive bays or anything. You mention a dead vega 56- I'm not overclocking my GPU or doing anything fancy, but i have no cooling but the reference card's built in cooling. Is that something to worry about?

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No overclocking here either.
It just.... died. I couldn't get it to work and apparently neither could AMD. :frowning:

My case weighs a ton. Might need to buy one of those cute little fork lifts for when I have to move it.

It might be an issue. I really don't know how the thermals are on the 5700/xt cards at the moment.
Been slacking on reading up on that. Gamersnexus did some stuff but I've been lazy.
It'll mostly throttled the crap out of the card and your performance will go to ■■■■ if it hits in thermal throttle limit.

Yeah, I shouldn't be doing anything too intensive on it so I'm not OVERLY worried about throttling. My card dying would be Bad though.

AMD never gave me the final diagnosis for the card. I just got an email about a week later with what amounted to "Yep, it's toast. Sorry!"

After the update, still the same result. Gets to the end of boot, then hangs. Won't let me open a tty. Shuts down with short press of the power button, but with no output. Before kernel 5.3 and mesa-git, it would let me open a tty and would display output on shutdown. I'm honestly not sure whether this change is good or bad

wait for the next kernel/driver update and try again. :man_shrugging:

or you could install winblows. :nauseated_face:

It is always difficult when jumping on the latest hardware first. Ubuntu got some extra packages and patches to make it work. We could do the same and adopt as needed. Since we currently not have the needed hardware a check might be needed from the community.

Therefore we might need to know the exact working setup you might have when using Ubuntu.

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i dont have this hardware either but for someone willing to gather the info, what info/outputs would you need?

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I had the system booting fine when I used Architect to build the install. Only issue was a lack of graphics support meant I couldn't get a desktop up. But i cloud still atl+ctrl+F2 into tty.

I have the machine as a spare at the moment if any one needs some tests run? Just waiting on mesa 19.2 to add support for the 5700 xt. apparently you need kernel 5.3 and mesa 19.2 together to get graphics working.


Yeah, ditto to this- anyone needs a test run, i gotchu. @akin2silver, I had the same result until I switched to kernel 5.3 and mesa-git. It then started freezing at the end of boot.

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That's the plan. Hell no I aint installing windows though


Just curious, why do you even bother with so incremental "upgrades"? I mean like... +10% ... is it like really worth it?

I think it's because amd EOL some cards. People coming here from elsewhere panic and think driver support has ended then upgrade. Yes you are correct in thinking...yeah, no it doesn't work like that :blush:. You simply lack the ability to reverse engineer yourself to that level :hugs:

yeah in the stable release of 5.3 they noted it wasn't at full support as some modules didn't build.

linux53 5.3-rc1 (not all modules build yet!)

Source is the stable announcement RSS.

Hey Deemon, the truth is that i was really skeptical since my Vega undervolted was perfectly fine, however after i installed the 5700 XT, i can tell you that it was worth every Penny. This card is like silent compared to my Vega 64...and yes i am seeing up to + 17% in games while my TDP is half of what my Vega pulled......sincerely i can tell you that this is a great card.

Still running an R9 Fury here from 2015. Works pretty well for 1440p gaming, but can't max all. But gonna upgrade to a 5700 XT in a couple month, which is actually a big jump. I don't see the need for small jumps.

Maybe people just have plenty of money to spend and want to put it into the GPU economy? It's like people who buys a new smartphone every year (or my friends who owns an iPhone, and upgrades their iPhone every new iPhone model which mean it can be twice in a year)


I dont have money to spend...i actually sold my Vega for $270 and then paid the difference....seems like a good move to get a 5700 Xt for $130...

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