AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and Radeon RX 5700 XT support

I just went out and bought the hardware listed above, as has been my plan for a time. However, I have seen recently that neither seem to be well or at all supported. A recent post on Phoronix seems to indicate that the Ryzen 3700X and 3900X are not working on anything but an old Ubuntu version, and the latest amdgpu release only works for ubuntu. mesa does not seem to have been updated since late june. I have not tested my new processor, but can verify that my GPU does not work without what I presume are needed driver changes/updates. Has anyone gotten any Ryzen 3000 chips or RX 5700 cards to work?

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I assume all of this will be fixed in at most a month or so, but as soon as possible if I could get it working that would be ideal.

you could just install or even run a live environment and see how hardware gets detected. the free drivers include amdgpu so if it loads and amdgpu is in fact working then installing shouldnt be an issue

Ubuntu 18.04 is not that old. If you are concerned about packages and desktops being stale then use KDE Neon user edition and PPA or snaps.

Whether or not Ubuntu 18.04 is that old, it's definitely not manjaro

I tried that. amdgpu isn't updated enough. It didn't run with either.

it's the waiting game for you then. soon enough they will be supported but until then, at least you have a shiny new expensive paper-weight. :smirk:

The new Navi cards will be supported with kernel 5.3+.

I will get Zen2+Navi too, but not before Q4 2019.
Linux needs a little time to catch up.
My advice: always wait 3-6 months when brand new hardware comes out.
Linux has never been good at supporting the ultra newest hardware (I mean, they're officially out since only a few days...)


Using another distribution or not depends if you want to be able to use your PC now or wait for Manjaro to catch up with a 'fixed' version of systemd

Fixed systemd package just went into the testing branch.


that's great but only helps for existing installations being transferred to new hardware. Until philm also adds it to the ISO images the new hardware will still encounter the same problem if someone tries booting the live media to try out or clean install manjaro.

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We will have a working 18.1.0-rc4 soon. Then you may test Manjaro on your new hardware.


Most expensive and fanciest paperweight I've ever seen

LIT. You know if anyone's tested that on the new Ryzen chips? switching out my CPU is an absolute pain and I don't want to until I'm sure I won't have to switch back. I'm on testing and saw that update today.

I updated mesa today- saw that update. My GPU still isn't working. just sits at the end of booting and never moves onto my display manager. MHWD seems to be preventing me from doing anything with my drivers- it flatly refuses to hand over control from video-linux. I know that should automagically let me use the video-amdgpu driver, but I assume that's lagged behind. how do I know when it's updated? (also, oddly enough, lshw -la doesn't show video-amdgpu at all)

Any idea when you expect the new systemd (242.32-3) to make its way into stable? Ideally into the ISOs as well, but I guess I could update the live image once the package makes its way into the repos using another PC.

i dont know about when it's available in stable, but i guess the latest dev iso works

at least according to a post on this subreddit

edit: systemd 242.32-3 is listed on the package list

Yeah, changing channels is always such a pain though, so I'll just wait it out.

All our RCs have that already. Give it a whirl.

Still seeing 32-2 here:

Am I missing something? Main site lists that mirror as up to date.

I'll try to redownload a live image in the morning though and see if it made it into the ISO but not the mirrors yet.