Amd Ryzen 4700U CPU: Microphone not working on Kernel 5.12.9

Hello everybody,

I met an issue very similar to these ones:

  • Amd Renoir CPU: Microphone not working on Kernel 5.10.5 (Manjaro Forum)
  • IdeaPad IP 5 14ARE05 (Ryzen 5 4500U) microphone issue (Arch Forum)

(I would like to add URLs but the forum prevents me from using them ATM)

Only differences being my laptop model (hp pavilion 15-eh0005nl), the CPU (Amd Ryzen 4700U) and the Kernel version (5.12.9).

In a nutshell, internal microphone is gone from both Gnome Settings’s Audio menu, and Pavucontrol.
The solutions proposed in the links above (essentially proposing to set snd_rn_pci_acp3x.dmic_acpi_check=1 on either Grub or /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-dmic.conf) did not work in my case.

I tried with 2 different Manjaro-KDE live keys:

  • one using Kernel 5.10.42
  • the other using Kernel 5.10.36-2
    The microphone works correctly on the latter, while it is missing from the former.

I’m considering to downgrade the Kernel and stick to version 5.10.36-2 for a while, but that’s of course not a long term solution.

There are several threads about this issue.