AMD hardware support in Manjaro



Now that there’s no xorg config file, how am I supposed to fix screen tearing? I thought it was going to be fixed with 4.15 (AMD DC and all), but I’m currently running 4.16.5 and I’m still having tearing in videos. I know this is a xorg issue, I’ve read a bit about this and wayland “fixing it”.

I’m trying to use wayland in my free time, but when I have to study or work I prefer stability, and currently I’m pretty bussy.

Is there anyone kind enough to tell me where can I configure this now?


You really should start your own thread for assistance. But you can create as many xorg confs as you want. (but please dont … you probably just need the one)


Simply create one :joy:

By switching to Wayland. For xorg there is no fix, just many workarounds, because it is not designed to be tearfree.


Yeah, I should’ve done that, but I’m not that concerned about tearing (I can tolerate it).

I really want to, for many reasons (including tearing-free video), but I can’t decide to do the final jump. I feel like waiting for basic things like extract files by dragging and dropping them and such, maybe that’s already working? I’ll just give it a try now that I’m about to finish my studies.


With some of the next amdgpu-experimental releases i’ll remove the DC enable thingy, because it’s default anyways.

Whats about the amdgpu experimental stuff for GCN1.0,1.1 is this active by default now?


on GCN 1.1, amdgpu should be active per default because DC should be active per default there but I am not 100% sure about that. GCN 1.0 should still be radeon per default.


This summer (if I find the time /s) I’d love to get this working/packaged someway


Thanks. So for now, better keep this part in.
Minimal Kernel Version will be 4.17 now and uhm the only usefull other change will still be deep_color support.

What about freesync? My Display always shows freesync but it doesnt feel like its enabled :yum:


freesync is there, but the non-kernel side is not working. But they are working on it and apparently, mesa 18.2 has some work on freesync (or some later mesa - not sure, read it on phoronix some weeks ago)


Sounds nice. I wonder how this works with wayland compositors :thinking:


read it wrong, they are actively discussing:


I have a AMD A10 7850k. Sincerely i am missing OpenCL, Vulkan support on linux distribuitions. I could help with driver test and development. The AMD release gpus documentations on developer amd site


vulkan support is fully there (with amdgpu that is - your GPU can use that one)


also opencl should be possible with the amd-opencl aur package i think (cant check right now)


Yes, it will work with just about any amdgpu card (even Vega I think, since they hooked that to PAL?)

In other news, DC has been disabled by default on all <Kaveri hardware (ie that has a VGA or LVDS output)


Good thing.Lets hope they get this fixed first. :+1: Thanks


Nice. Finally a good news, where i find a good step by step tutorial to enable amdgpu on manjaro? Just i need enable this driver to be happy :joy:


Hi, just wanted to chime in using an RX550 and a Ryzen 5 1400.

On the lts kernel 4.14 the sound from the monitor (connected via hdmi) did not work. Using headphones connected to the mainboard aux worked at that time.

Since changing to 4.17 and now 4.18 this issue was resolved.

So far all smooth :slight_smile:


4.14 does not offer support for display port/HDMI audio on amdgpu. That came with 4.15/4.16 depending on the hardware. So yes. Your card needs a newer kernel to have better support for all the functions :yum:


Nice sidemark: ZeroFAN did not work on my MSI GamingX RX480 - it stayed on low RPM’s on idle while working on Windows.

With my new Asus ROG RX Vega64, it is working (using Kernel 4.19, did not test others)