AMD hardware support in Manjaro



You have to open it separately before any possibility to upstream.
This seems just following normal praxis.

If any, the problem it’s just it took them so long, but that’s it.
It will be interesting to see what airlied & co will think of the new driver now.
Maybe it can be fused with radv, maybe just some cherry-picking will happen, maybe they’ll go full DC refitting and rebase over that.

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Thats what i think will happen. Adrenalin has no chance to be in Mesa, because its not a mesa project. And there is no chance for a fusion(-ha!) because adrenalin is also part of the Windows Radeon drivers and so it cant pull in Mesa dependencies.

Maybe at some point (Vulkan2.0?) When a bigger rewrite is about to happen, the AMD guys have the manpower and the Radv guys will just say “meh - lets switch to adrenalin”. But for now I dont think there will be a change in the situation.

No… Thats the great thing about LLVM, they could just get there patches in place with an official release before an official release of the supported hardware, or software that uses this. Google has a whole architecture for a google processor in LLVM upstreamed.
That AMD-LLVM code could already be reviewed and integrated + updated so that they could just go for “here, all the code is opensourced and you can actually build and use it”. Yet again we have to wait for something and thats something AMD needs to change.


That’s exactly what happened with DC too, just for the records.

Then, I’m still pretty skeptical they’ll do something like that, because it’s similarly a huge undertaking, and I haven’t really the most of… confidence, in their GL team.
Still benefits of a very neat integration are there, and so is technical possibility to do so.

P.S. reviewing that still takes time/manpower and doesn’t contradict my point.
You can assume they put all their available effort (which is not unreasonable) and wonder if whatever the upstreaming, it could have been worth some other months or delay, just for “presentation”.
I don’t think so.

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Looks like GCN 1.0/1.1 is in a not-to-bad shape on amdgpu. Finally! Sadly there are still many things missing to make this a default thing.



Well, actually just audio on hdmi, it seems.
Nonetheless very promising.

How’s your PCI-IDs plan proceeding?


Pull request is here:


I still think that the right way to handle that should make fglrx “opt-in” rather than “opt-out”, if I can explain.


If you’re interested for the “whats going on” :wink:

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@Tids after the last updates I see video-hybrid-radeon-amdgpu-experimental-prime as one more choice than video-amdgpu-experimental.
What are the differences between the two?


Prime settings are for hybrid systems with 2 graphicscards. I’ll show you this because GCN1.1/1.0 triggers this also.
It wouldn’t make any change for you


I wanted to join and add to this thread.

Manjaro is the first distribution that had HDMI audio pretty much working out the box after grabbing the 4.15 kernel, good job.

I do however have an issue and if power saving puts the monitor to sleep there is no way to wake the screen up. It happened after I installed a couple days ago and the only choice I had was a hard system reset (via holding the power button).

My system is the Dell Inspiron 5675 and I usually build my own systems but warranty was the driving force.


Details? Like which DE are you using, which card exactly? Are you on stable, testing or unstable branch?


RX580 with XFCE and on stable.

EDIT: Using open source driver.


the RX580 uses basically the same chip like my RX480 but with higher clocks.
I am using KDE and have no such issues with the screen connected on Displayport. Might be a XFCE issue there.


May I ask if this was just about Manjaro (but likely arch in general) being smooth easy to update and “play with edgy stuff” or if instead you tried other distro with 4.15 and they failed?

Anyway, power saving/sleeping is usually the latest thing to handle after big changes.
If I were you, I’d try to compile my own kernel with blackjack and hookers based on latest amd-staging.


Thanks for the reply.

Sound over HDMI was the big one for me. It is easy enough for me to turn off the monitor if I need to and I don’t want to risk anyhting with my sound.

I messed with OpenSuse Tumbleweed before doing a Manjaro install. Sound was a no go but the monitor going into standby did work. I just thought I would bring awareness to the issue although it is not a big deal for me.


While this is a known issue, are you sure thats only the display that stays asleep, and not the whole system that freezes? did you have tried to ssh to the system? Because it could be something else, something thats fixable for you. :joy:


Have you tried to switch to a TTY (Ctrl+Alt+F1)?
I had this some times ago but was a setting on the monitor i changed.

And for your new card you should use amdgpu. :wink:


No I have not tried ssh. No other machine but I suppose I could try an android client.

It’s really a non issue. I have power saving off now as I don’t need it.

I did notice though that the system was running.


Yes, I did try switching to a TTY. It did not work. No matter what I did the screen would not wake up.