AMD hardware support in Manjaro



Here soon I’m going to be picking up a new laptop. The laptop in question is an ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC

Ryzen 7 1700

Anyone run manjaro on the GL702ZC? Or know if there will be any compatability issues?


that is basically desktop hardware. That works out of the box with no issues.
One of the devs uses exactly the same model if I am not mistaken.

Edit: Its @jonathon


I have it, it works fine, but it’s not the best designed hardware. The case isn’t designed to be disassembled and it’s incredibly difficult to add another stick of RAM. You’ll probably also end up having to RMA it to get a new mainboard installed when the thermal chip melts and the fans spin up and stay at 100%. At full speed they’re very loud so you can’t ignore them.

The 1700 is also rather old now so watch how much you pay for it, though it’s still one of the best multi-threading CPUs you can get in a laptop chassis.

However, given this is a desktop replacement/luggable you should probably consider an actual desktop PC instead (and then you gain from cheaper components, expansion options, etc. etc. etc).

Also, there’s no END key on the keyboard. They’ve put the power button in the keyboard instead, which is stupid.


Make sense. 1700 with 95 watts power consumption, so it’s actually desktop processor. AMD has “U-series” for laptops.


Good to know thanks @BS86
It is desktop grade hardware, even has an actual AM4 socket

I’m currently running an Acer Aspire Nitro V with a 6700HQ, GTX 960m, and 16GB of ram. So it’s a step up. I’m not to worried about adding another ram stick to the Asus. Just to add in a second ram stick in my Acer it had to be dismantled completely to add in the SSD then you have to flip the entire motherboard over to add in more ram. Then reassemble the entire machine back.

I would go the desktop route but I already have one that sits under my desk where I keep my laptop at. Plus I’m out and about a lot so being able to take a high caliber laptop around is a plus for me.


Tee hee hee. Just wait. :wink:

You either have to loosen off or remove the entire heatsink assembly (which covers half the mainboard and is glued in place over the GPU and CPU) or you have to bend the mainboard slightly so you can force the RAM into place.

I swore quite a lot.

Then I swore more when I had to remove it for the RMA.

Then it wasn’t so bad putting it back in the second time… :man_shrugging:


I seen a few videos on it doesn’t seem to bad. Since I was planning on removing the heat sink off and and applying some liquid metal and thermal pads it would be an excellent time to do so. Since I’m planning on cramming in 32GB of ram anyways.

It’s either the Asus or an Acer with a second gen ryzen 7 with Vega 56 gfx, but I don’t game much outside of emulators anymore so I can’t justify the $1800 price tag for the acer.


I am currently looking at the Lenovo Thinkpad E485 with a Ryzen 7 2700U (with Vega 10 integrated graphics)
That could be more suitable if you don’t intend to game much. However, it only has 4 cores / 8 threads. If you really need the 8 cores /16 threads, you might have to go with the Acer.

My use case would be a reliable mobile computer for browsing, presentations, workshops and an occassional hour of WoW (my current i5 3380m Dell latitude does not work well anymore since Blizzard removed DX9). I game a lot but on my R7 2700X + Vega 64 desktop.


I may suck it up and go with the acer, I could always pick back up some of my older games and run them under wine heh I don’t run any new new games, everything I did play ran fine on my gtx 960m so the rx580 would run them a bit better.