AMD hardware support in Manjaro



I’m not sure anybody here was referring to such cards, anyway I’d be interested to know how they are doing now (considering the last guy trying was pretty… lame)


Hmm, what I mean from “driver support” is opencl support to run graphics apps like davinci, blender, lightworks…
Opencl-mesa, libclc, use opencl1.1. and many graphic apps require opencl1.2.


Jep. OpenCL, in form of ROCm will only come to AMDGPU base, not for radeon. And even for them, only for those with official support and needed featureset.
On Manjaro, we do not even support OpenCL on any AMD chip.

The hold-back for old generation is most likely thats not worth to support new features for them because of the small userbase and often weak hardware + time that new features take until they reach the users (wich is often 6 Month - 4 years).


You should be totally able to use opencl-amd to get openCL 1.2 on your dGPU.

Moreover, assuming you have an A12-9700P it should make your gcn 3rd gen igp OCL 2.0 (I’m not sure instead about the number of hoops for ROCm, aka out of the box…)


Ok, I will try it again

After Installing, here’s the output from clinfo:

amdgpu_device_initialize: DRM version is 2.50.0 but this driver is only compatible with 3.x.x.
amdgpu_device_initialize: DRM version is 2.50.0 but this driver is only compatible with 3.x.x.
amdgpu_device_initialize: DRM version is 2.50.0 but this driver is only compatible with 3.x.x.
Segmentation fault

Could you lend me a hand?:smirk:

Ok so setting the kernel parameter to prevent radeon module being used fix the seg fault problem [here].


seems like there could soon be some packages that can help as a base for packaging ROCm for Manjaro:

In addition, this here should also help:

Edit: And someone is already doing it for Gentoo:


That’s already on aur since weeks?

And… duh, the package script is like 10 lines. It doesn’t really look like rocket science.


that is just one part of many that would be required for a fully supported ROCm on Manjaro:

the list is just 1 post above yours in the post you linked.

I agree that the DKMS part can be left out due to 4.20 already providing the Kernel side, but the other 32 packages still need work for Manjaro (and apparently all other non-enterprise distributions).


I can’t think of *once* that people weren’t running after ROCm for the OpenCL support to be honest…
The 1% maybe could also be interested to hip and hcc then… But even that is already neatly available.


99% OT:



Lets hope Linux support is there, when the hardware is available :smiley:

P.S. I’m so into the Radeon VII. I think I’ll get one around summer-fall :thinking:


they are also going to release mid and low-end cards this year. Might get interesting. (AMD representative said that they intend to refresh their whole lineup this year)

There were a lot of Vega - cards added to the Kernel with 4.20 that are marked for backporting to LTS kernels, it is most likely that the VII ID is already in there now.

Personally, I kind of hate that I bought the Vega64 just recently (October). It is running great and is everything I expected from it, but the VII looks sexy to me.


Yeah but $700 for a video card? I’ll pass and would be happy with a midrange dGPU that has more memory and outperforms my GTX 970.


Depends. If that GPU will survive a few generations in a good shape - like the R9 Fury/Nano, HD7970 or way back the X1900, 9600 XT.
So if you’re OK with that card for 5-6 years, thats worth it. But right now nobody knows much about it. So better wait until its supported on linux and see what they want for it then :joy:

I dont expect “good” out of the box support until end of the year with Linux 5.3/4


Already bought the Fury X on release day for that amount of money. Unfortunately had to RMA due to faulty FAN (and I definitely don’t tamper with a card that still has warranty on my own).
I am well prepared to spent such an amount again as long as the whole package lives up to my expectations.
And: As long as no mining-hype reappears, prices should be at 600 or even 500 after some weeks (if the package is better than expected, that might be difficult though).

phoronix will tell, as Michael already posted that he will get one latest on release day (depending on if he receives a sample from AMD before or not). Like already posted, the huge amount of Vega - ID’s added with 4.20 which are not linkable to any already existing card tells me that AMD was able to add them before release this time. It should at least boot and show a GUI with 4.20 or later.
Mesa 19 also has a lot of Vega - related commits already, so at least with mesa-git it should also perform at an acceptable level.


and phoronix received a sample:


It’s almost there! :nerd_face:


and here we are:

Edit: Quite impressive, and even better performance then windows.


It’s good to see AMD GPU hardware finally more competitive again, those results are quite impressive indeed.


Apparently, linux-firmware still needs an update for a working VII (which is already merged upstream):