AMD hardware support in Manjaro



is ZeroFAN a bios function? I have an MSI B350 Krait Gaming and it seems that lm-sensors isn’t reading everything.

You could try to control them with pwmconfig. The Arch Wiki has a nice article about fancontrol.


it’s a GPU feature, nothing to do with bios.

and like already said, it is working on the Vega, the RX480 is happily working in a colleagues computer already.


Well, its not working on my RX550 either. If it is working on windows the issue should be with driver(bug)


Found out why it is working with the Vega: Asus uses a small microchip on the PCB to control the FAN speed depending not only on temperature but also on the consumed power and the load the GPU has.
With small loads it only enables the FAN when reaching temperatures above 75° (80° Temperature target) and turns off the FAN again when temperature is far enough down again.
On heavy loads, it enables the FAN’s much earlier and adjusts them down or up so that the GPU stays just below the temperature target.
This means the Asus ROG Vega has an intelligent FAN curve that does not rely on driver-side support.

It is possible to manipulate the fan curve on Windows and force it to a more classic FAN speed approach, but this does not save on the card though.


That is a great function and the Vega is quite a powerful card. Do you use it for gaming in dual boot set up?

I played around with lm sensors and my RX550 for quite some time.
I noticed that after a specific pwm value (65 in this case) the sensors cannot correctly detect the rpms and the temperature readings go up. That makes me also question the temperature readings but I haven’t found the time to test them physically…
On my current pwmconfig set up I let it run at around 40 degrees and 900rpm (the 900rpm are translated to 65pwm in case of this card)
I don’t know where the RX480 connects the fan but in case of the 550 it is connected to the GPU instead of mobo. I might try to extend the cable and connect the GPU fan to the mobo and then (if possible) map the readings of this fan to the GPU temp :thinking: After this I could get it configured with pwmconfig to 0rpm in on low temp readings. But before that I have to check if lm_sensors gives me correct GPU temp readings.


You could also take a look at: radeon-profile-git and it’s associated daemon


tks, will check that out. Does it work as intended for you?


gaming on linux and windows.

Why in the world would you want to connect the GPU FAN to the motherboard? The mobo knows nothing about GPU temps at all.


I was just thinking loud. Bc. I was not able to manipulate the rpm’s below a certain pwm value for the gpu while it did work for the mobo.
The idea was if it were possible to map the fan to the gpu temp. I don’t know if this is possbile but will keep looking when I have time.

FYI: this looks like a promising development


For monitoring and info from my MX-560 not available from lm-sensors, it does (I don’t do overclocking).

You can set up overclocking and fan control with it as well.