Amd Gpu Driver 6700xt

Sorry noob Manjaro question ,Im getting a 6700xt in 3 weeks, but I have a Question, in the amd driver section on the amd website, which one do I choose for manjaro, I dont see one that says manjaro all I see is the following
RHEL x86 64-Bit
Ubuntu x86 64-Bit
And whats the best restore software to use so that if manjaro crashes bec of an update that I can restore the system (used manjaro before and when the system updated itself then pc crashed and I was unable to get it working again so I had to delete in installation and begin from scratch)

You don’t. The open source AMDGPU driver is included in the kernel and will be installed automatically.

“The best” is relative. What may work the best for others may not for you. With that being said, the most popular and recommended program for system backups is Timeshift. For user backups, the Timeshift developer recommends Back In Time or something similar. He also has a paid program for user backups called Baqpaq if you want to support him. I did. :wink:

Further reading on the driver question: