AMD Fidelity Super Resolution 2.0

While AMD is bringing the new upscailer on news sites,
Theres no mention on linux?

My question is: will it be supported on linux

How to apply it to it, i.e Manjaro

And how does someone keep up with how new features such as amd graphics, will go on to be supported on linux?

Thank you

Of course, it’s open source software. Just wait until mesa got update, which should arrive to stable branch in several weeks :wink:

Not supported by AMD directly. FSR 1.0 is included in multiple versions and forks of Proton, for example.
Since 2.0, like 1.0, is open source, I don’t think it’ll take long for adoption after the release.

The only downside with this blanket implementation is the inability of separating UI from the rest of the frame. A game needs a native implementation to make this separation easier.