[AMD] Family 17h (Models 10h-1fh) HD Audio Controller sound is distorted

I’ve installed Manjaro Linux on the Tuxedo Polaris 15 amd. Original Tuxedo OS (Ubuntu 20) is delivered with this laptop. I’m not sure if the sound was good than, but presume the answer was yes.

Sound is not sounding good. It sounds distorted and like the speaker is vibrating or too loud for the speakers. The volume however is set to normal and not too loud. Even when lowering the volume this distortion can be heard. Under Windows (multiboot) the sound is good. So I’m assuming it’s a driver question.

But unfortunately I cannot find a solution for my problem.

Pulseaudio is installed and activated as by default Manjaro installation and seems to function correctly.
Anyone advice what driver is advised or know this problem?

OS: Manjaro 21.0 Ornara
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.9.16-1-MANJARO
Shell: bash
DE: Xfce4
WM: Xfwm4
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics @ 16x 2.9GHz
GPU: GeForce RTX 2060

i had this issue also. Try clicking on your sound icon > “audio mixer” at the bottom > “configuration” on the right-most option > try “analog stereo” or an other option if that still does not work.

You don’t need to restart anything when changing this option. So if there is no change whist you have some audio playing, it means nothing has changed.

If you click “off” how ever, it will switch to any other available source down at your icon again. Just click on the icon and change it back

Hi, I have a very similar hardware and I improved significantly the performance as I describe here Microphone and bluetooth headset: two problems and one solution (for now) . Actually, as I say, there is something that can be done more if you have a stereo mic (like mine) but I did not manage to do it yet.