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Hey there! I just started using Manjaro and I managed to kill it in 5 minutes after installation! The reason to it is AMD Catalyst drivers, that are available via Manjaro Hardware Configuration.
These drivers aren't supported and pretty much destroy the ability to launch GUI after installation, and recovery from that state is pretty hard(for my level at least). I wish this driver was either gone since it's no longer supported or at least warn people that it requires older versions of X server, so no more people can fall in the same hole I just did.

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Yep. You are correct. Catalyst has a rate of required installation that is pretty close to absolute 0.
(not quite there though)
And I have to agree. For some time now I have mentioned off-and-on that it should probably at least be obfuscated, or not so easily 'click-installable' and/or 'suggested' at any point .. if not dropped altogether.

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I agree, they should provide a warning of some sort to this. I actually made a post about this a while ago

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Huh. Dont know how I missed that one, but it looks like the points were covered in any case.

I do believe this is an issue that has gone ignored for too long.

(maybe this should be moved to 'development' instead of 'rants and raves' ...)


Manjaro clearly needs a catalytic converter. Anyone installing a fresh copy of manjaro should have access to radeon or amdgpu only now depending on which is suitable for their hardware. Therefore mhwd should not even offer Catalyst. I think keeping the packages available in community repo or for that matter AUR should be sufficient. If thermald can be dropped, so can Catalyst. This comes from an AMD GPU user, so I know what I'm letting other people into by making this suggestion. Nothing will change, you can configure settings via config files if necessary and get access to the same features. The user interface for Linux was crap anyway.

I already opened the first ticket 3 years ago, with countless of comments here and there to follow.
And I didn't even ask for somebody to fix it, I just requested comments on the best way that could have been implemented (for god forbid I tried myself to make a patch)

But either I got no answer, or worse I continued to get "my new card doesn't need it, so screw you" comments.

Yeah, I wish the Manjaro team looked at this. All they need to add is a textbox saying

This driver is not supported, you are installing this at your own risk and you encounter a chance close to 0 that this will work. Stick to the Open source drivers regardless of what anyone told you, Catalyst is dead.

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I'm still using it to this today tbh.
And I never had big problems.

Of course on the support forums you are only looking at the negative side of all things.

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Still though, Catalyst as far as I can tell is barely supported anymore (please someone elaborate this), why not provide that warning?

Oh, mind me, the warning should be absolutely there.
I just wanted to say that the "chances it will work" are way more close to 1 than you would expect imo.

Then yeah, it's not "supported" anymore. Officially, since 2016. And kinda here unofficially since kernel.. 5.2 I believe.
Still, it doesn't need "support" to keep working (unless the build server experiences some corruption like happened last year, but I'm digressing).

In fact, the support of the radeon module has stopped in the early years, and the closed source driver seems to work very badly.

OpenGL is crappy indeed. Also buggy.
But that's not the use case the driver is being sold for.

I'm not sure what you mean by "radeon support is stopped" then.

ad nauseam



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With 18.1 release of Manjaro we don't ship Catalyst anymore. We might even remove it from our repos ...


As I said, I would have like to be able to still use it on supported kernels.

Manjaro is finally dropping Catalyst for good.

What reason do you have for using Catalyst anyways? What AMD GPU is not supported by AMDGPU?

Every amd gpu before 2012 (and here and there till 2014)?

And besides the arguably special case of openCL, there are even cards that still have broken PM on radeon.

those needing the catalyst will know how to install it.
but those doesn't need installing will break system.
so its better removed.
if someone wants this crap they should manually destroy their system.

As I said tens of times, it's three years I have a ticket open to discuss a simple warning box.
Which would also come out handy for wifi drivers and whatnot. But nobody has been helping, and I cannot hijack a distro.

And I don't see the logical entailment between "I have old hardware" and "I am a linux guru".

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