Ambilight Manjaro ARM 64bit XFCE RPI4 FYI does it work?

I trying to build some Ambilight for Rpi4on Manjaro 64bit. For now i have:

  1. Rpi4 B
  2. Ambilight with arduino
  3. Led RGb with ws2812b
  4. Video grabber
  5. HDMI Splitter
  6. HDMI to analog.

I want to build for every video source ambilight.
Something like in this youtube movie:
I wasn't following the example of this youtube tutorial.
Today i will configure it all and check if this is will be working.

Anyway manjaro arm 64bit support jdk and jre latest version and Hypercon config gui program.

Back to project.
In my opinion Ambilight with hyperion and stuff above not working properly. On Manjaro XFCE, not working at all. It give me lot of error.
But, on RPi 3 with open elec it working perfect. Even with external grabber. But with charger from RPi 4.
Maybe it's working on 32 bit system, i don't have any sd card to try this, and i must have manjaro on rpi4 becouse my main source for hdmi is manjaro.
And maybe when open elec or OSMC will be created for RPi4 then ambilight will be working.
Thanks you all for your attention.

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