Amarok still being developed and updated?


Is AMAROK still being updated and developed? Is there a working version that doesn’t have the database error when you launch it? I’ve tried several of the fixes and none of them seem to rectify the database error at launch. Running KDE Manjaro , fully updated.

Thanks for your time it’s much appreciated,


It was considered dead-in-the-water by many for a while … but even their website had a blog post and new version release back in march of this year. So its still rather alive.


use clementine its based on amarok


I use the qt5-git version myself. There’s also Strawberry which is a fork of Clementine focusing on other features.


Thank you very much , Strawberry is a perfect fit for my needs!



thanks for the tip this is my new favorite player

:strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry:


Be hugged! for the Strawberry pointer … I had the impression that Clementines Qt5 version development is not really progressing, so it’s good to see a viable alternative!


Thanks guys! I’ve had a pretty tough week at work, and seeing this made my day. :star:


I know you moved to Strawberry but for people like me who want to run amarok anyway, one needs to downgrade libssh to 0.8.2 and amarok will run fine.

$ sudo yaourt -S downgrade
$ sudo downgrade libssh
$ sudo yaourt -S amarok



What was the issue you were having with amarok?
What version of ssh are you downgrading to?

The only thing I see happening is this:
[on unstable]


Try this: works fine for me.


(strawberry-full-git) Strawberry fork of Clementine. gstreamer, xine and vlc engines

Runs with me here


Locking libssh at 0.8.2 on a rolling release like Manjaro seems like a relatively bad idea in the long-term.


I think this point needs to be stressed to people who are so quick to recommend downgrading. Partial upgrades are not supported on Arch/Manjaro. A downgrade should only be done if a vital part of your system has developed a bug that will likely be rectified in the near future.

Freezing components of your OS for a dead or near dead program is a very bad idea. This should only be done when a fix is expected in the near future. Otherwise you may break your entire system.


I agree with the last two posters … and still a bit miffed at the suggestion from @anupamsr
-even if a respectable AUR helper was suggested [yaourt … so no],
-even if it didnt unnecessarily invoke sudo [which it does … bad idea],
-even if the ‘bug’ being ‘fixed’ was described [it wasnt … at all] … no one even mentioned an issue running amarok,
-even if they recommended an actual version of libssh to downgrade to [again … did not],
-even if somehow downgrading libssh was an acceptable solution [it really isnt]

… we are talking about a music program that is immensely replaceable . Downgrading or freezing core/security software in order to run something so expendable just seems like very warped priorities.

Further, it is bordering on malicious to make such suggestions without a warning or explanation.

Even if this wasnt ssh … just look at the dependency tree … things like ffmpeg and plasma-desktop rely on this package. So doing anything to it is no light matter.

│ ├─amarok
│ ├─chromaprint
│ │ └─gst-plugins-bad
│ │   ├─amarok
│ │   └─kamoso
│ ├─ffmpegthumbs
│ ├─firefox-kde-opensuse
│ ├─kfilemetadata
│ │ ├─baloo
│ │ │ ├─baloo-widgets
│ │ │ │ └─dolphin
│ │ │ │   ├─dolphin-plugins
│ │ │ │   └─kde-servicemenus-rootactions
│ │ │ ├─gwenview
│ │ │ └─plasma-desktop
│ │ └─kfind
│ ├─mpv
│ │ └─smplayer
│ │   ├─smplayer-skins
│ │   └─smplayer-themes
│ ├─qt5-webengine
│ │ └─falkon
│ ├─vlc
│ └─x264
│   ├─ffmpeg
│   └─gst-plugins-ugly


cscs is spot on.
It’s not like the Linux desktop suffers from a lack of good audio players…
Cantata is another good one.

Also thanks Beherit, I had never heard of Strawberry before, good tip!


There are a lot of commits, just no release; and most distros don’t have -git packages

For Strawberry users @WENDIGO @genista @b_quest @SpiritOfTux @torvic update 0.4.2 is coming, there will be changes in the dependencies (which you may like or not) and there will be another pkbuild variant as well


updated 5 minutes ago. Now updated to version
Thanks Mate :heart_eyes: