Amarok still being developed and updated?


Is AMAROK still being updated and developed? Is there a working version that doesn’t have the database error when you launch it? I’ve tried several of the fixes and none of them seem to rectify the database error at launch. Running KDE Manjaro , fully updated.

Thanks for your time it’s much appreciated,


It was considered dead-in-the-water by many for a while … but even their website had a blog post and new version release back in march of this year. So its still rather alive.


use clementine its based on amarok


I use the qt5-git version myself. There’s also Strawberry which is a fork of Clementine focusing on other features.


Thank you very much , Strawberry is a perfect fit for my needs!



thanks for the tip this is my new favorite player

:strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry:


Be hugged! for the Strawberry pointer … I had the impression that Clementines Qt5 version development is not really progressing, so it’s good to see a viable alternative!


Thanks guys! I’ve had a pretty tough week at work, and seeing this made my day. :star: