Alternative Menu not working

Just a heads up.

I have an Alternative Menu selection problem with a recent install of KDE Plasma version: 5.22.5. Using RPI4.

I recently installed the widget ‘Simple Menu’ it, works great. This is not part of the problem but mention it for clarification.

When I right click on the Taskbar Menu icon and select: Show Alternatives, then select either Application Launcher or Application Menu, tried both with same result - my taskbar Menu icon disappears. Gone.

To try to fix this I added ‘Simple Menu’ widget back to the taskbar. This put everything back to looking normal with a right mouse click showing ‘Show Alternatives’ again.

I try again, same thing. the taskbar menu icon was gone again. So I put the ‘Simply Menu’ widget back and the Alternative Menus items show up again. I will just keep using the Simple Menu widget for now. It is a very nice menu widget

I must say I’m loving KDE Plasma more than ever. It just keeps getting better. (this is where Windows gets a lot of idea’s from i’m sure, but you know that eh.)

p.s. I fire up the Raspberry Pi to use the ‘SD Card Copier’ app to easily backup my KDE. Simply and easily copy your present OS to a backup SD Card. Wish KDE had this app but won’t install for me. Hope this is useful info. Thank you. Dave