ALT+TAB problem

Finally I decide to ask because I have had this problem for a long time.
In KDE, when I try to maximize and minimize windows many times I can’t do it, I minimize and then I can’t maximize, or the window is drawn wrong, or even the system hangs. There is another problem when leaving for example a Lutris game that stays as the screen “upside down” and flickering.
I don’t know if I explain it well, but before going to XFCE or another DE, I want to try to solve this because KDE is the one I like the most.
Minimizing and maximizing I do it a lot to adjust the volume of the applications, I rarely do it from the application and it is very annoying that this happens.
Thanks in advance.

The title of your post says: ALT+TAB problem.
ALT+TAB is used to switch between open windows - not to maximize/minimize them.

Your description seems to describe something else.
Perhaps someone else knows what you mean? :man_shrugging:

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Yes, alt+tab is what I use to minimize, or it’s the same thing, switch between windows or the desktop, and that’s where I have the problem, my game, especially minimizing games running in wine, but it also happens other times.
Sorry for not explaining it well, I don’t know how to write it so that it is understood, that is, I minimize the window and when trying to maximize it, doesn’t recover the graphics that are in the window, other times the entire system it freezes. What I’m talking about also happens, when I exit the program the Lutris window stays on the desktop in the background, like blinking and everything is upside down, it’s very strange, then I close the Lutris window and everything returns to normal, it also happens with Dolphin but not that much. It seems like some problem with the composer but I don’t know which one or what commands to post here to see if there is a problem or not with that.
Maybe the title is not totally correct but is the action that I do to see this problem mainly.