`Alt + K` not working after installing custom `.XCompose`

After installing a custom .XCompose [1], the Alt + K key-combination doesn’t work anymore, while all other Alt combinations work. I can see which ones work in Configuration → Input devices → Keyboard → Layouts and clicking on Preview after choosing a layout.

If I remove the .XCompose or switch to Wayland, it works again, but not under X11. Besides, there isn’t any composition in the .XCompose involving the Alt key as far as I know, which is odd that it breaks the shortcut.

Where might this issue come from? Would it be possible to somehow have both the .XCompose and the key-combination work?

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: it’s Alt + K on my keyboard layout, but really it seems to be the specific key on the keyboard rather than the character assigned to it. If I change my layout to QWERTY, the combination not working is Alt + B.

[1] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andrewathalye/bepo-xcompose-fix/main/XCompose

Stating the obvious - It comes from your custom .XCompose file.

Yes, that’s the thing, but I was wondering if it’s rather an issue with the .XCompose itself and how Xorg interprets it, or with how its contents interoperate with KDE. Or something else entirely.

The strange thing is that it is somehow linked to the topmost layout chosen in the configuration page on layouts. If I set it to English (US) QWERTY, the combination not working becomes Alt + T rather than Alt + B. And if it’s Belgian AZERTY, neither of both works.

If I swap layouts via the status bar, the faulty combination remains the one from the topmost layout in the configuration panel.

Well, I don’t know how it worked once, but now even by removing the .XCompose (and restarting) the bug remains.

I will try on a fresh install when I have the time to see if it’s present there as well.