Alt+1 doesn't work in any browser on KDE

So I'm running minimal Manjaro KDE, just tweaked it, installed couple of packages and now my ALT+1 keybind for switching tabs doesn't work. This is present on Firefox, Chromium and Falkon. ALT+<2,3,...9,0> work with no problems.

I can get it to work by switching a random keybind to alt+1 and then resetting that keybind, but it only works until the next reboot/suspend.

How do I fix this? This is a long standing issue I had with KDE, I have gone to shortcuts and set the default ones and it still doesn't work. This has been bugging me for a while. I heavily rely on shortcuts. Thanks!

EDIT: this problem also occurs on spanish keyboard with alt+4, some redditor helped me witth the answer.

So the solution is this by u/sahsanu:

I had the same problem and in my case it was because I'm using a Spanish keyboard and there is a global shortcut assigned to Alt+~ that in a Spanish keyboard is on number 4. Maybe you have a Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian, etc. keyboard where the character ~ is on number 1... if that is the case then you could try this: go to System Settings -> Shortcuts -> Global Shortcuts -> Kwin and in option Walk Through Windows of Current Application (Reverse), remove or change the assigned keys Alt+~

Here the bug report

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