Alsamixer shows only the Master Volume

Installed Manjaro KDE 20.2.1 on a other machine today and noticed that the alsamixer command only shows the master volume. I tried it on my own machine, same result. Not that I need the alsamixer, but it is disturbing …

With XFce, Manjaro 20.12 on RPi4. Master only is shown for the default sound card. If I change the selected sound card, HDMI or Headphones is shown.


What @dbeach says. F6 key >>> choose your soundcard

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alsamixer only shows PulseAudio software volume controls

If you use the ALSA card numbers from aplay -L you can go direct to hardware controls

for most systems alsamixer --card=0 is likely to show HDMI outputs
alsamixer --card=1 is likely to show onboard audio
higher card numbers would show USB devices

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OK, thx @dbeach, @Signalrunner, @nikgnomic , I only remembered it from before that all channels were displayed. That’s why I was astonished now.

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