Alsamixer settings not persisting after log out or reboot

On login my volume settings in alsamixer return to the defaults which are too quiet. I know that the settings are being saved correctly when I run the alsactl store command because I can run the restore command in the terminal and the settings are correct again. I’m just not sure why they are not being reloaded properly.

I’m running manjaro KDE on an acer R11 cromebook (cyan - intell braswell) with the full UEFI firmware. This is my first linux foray since slackware in the 90s so I’m not sure where to begin troubleshooting this. Any help is appreciated.

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When system is booted ALSA settings should be restored by alsa-restore.service

Use this command to check if there was any problem restoring settings

systemctl -l --no-pager status alsa-restore.service

The service should be active (exited) and should have messages either to confirm settings were restored correctly or error messages if restore failed