Almost transparent terminal with error messages overlayed constantly

link to photo of screen: imgur .com/a/n8ieffY
This is a manjaro xfce install on a sd card. It was wokring fine up until yesterday when these error messages began to show up on screen.
The messages are almost completely transarent and are overlayed on any screen I open (like a browser or thunar etc.). These messages aren’t there when I open the bios screen so I know its not screen burn in. Further more it seems like its constantly refreshing and making requests to the sd card since the LED on the sd card reader is constantly on

As far as i can tell the messages say
“Failed unmounting /boot/efi”
for multiple lines and then 1 line of
“Failed to execute shutdown binary”

I suspect your SD card has worn down.

Remember - when using removable media - the architecture of removable media makes their lifespan shorter as they are not created for constant read/write IO.

its a fairly new SD card. Been using it less than 2 weeks.

It is difficult to suggest anything - you could be looking at some file corruption.