All windows not visible. Only visible in task bar

as you can see there are no windows on my desktop and I cannot access them through alt and shift. I can see that the applications are running on the sidebar but even clicking on them doesn’t not do anything.

How do I fix that?

do you have maybe a second monitor plugged even if it is not switched on?

No,not at all

or maybe right click on the task manager - configure task manager - behaviour - show windows on all activities as opposed to just current activity

I cant open any windows,they are not visibale.

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this is a difficult one, :- ) is this kde plasma ? do you have a taskbar widget in the panel ?

Yes its KDE plasma. Maybe there is a command to reset all settings thtough command line?
taskbar widget ? no. should i try add it?

edit: tried adding task manager to the panel. nothing,still all is invincible