All windows are black but one in white in xfce

I have Matcha-dark-azul as my main theme in all the windows like I set it, but in pamac all is white and I do not understand why.

I tried to fix this but nothing worked…I tried to set in another theme, to restart the pc…it remains white.
Any suggestion?

Ok but this is totally new…I mean…yesterday all worked perfectly…

It’s the new version. Which was also a bit buggy but should be fixed yesterday. You are probably on the stable branch.

If you have other problems with the new pamac there are workarounds and even a way to foce the gtk3 version, but it should be ok since yesterday.

Matcha does provide gtk4 … you just have to manually set it up…
Such as by symlinking assests and gtk.css from /usr/share to .config

(XFCE is a GTK DE, but a rather late adapter of GTK3, it doesnt have a way to configure GTK4)