All visual elements from Plasma are frozen

Starting a couple minutes ago, all elements from plasma are frozen. My panel maintains the same state (showing only the programs I had open but no changes to it), though it does still unhide and hide as normal. Popups for volume and brightness as well as system tray show the shadow outline but no content. Desktop widgets show no indication when being interacted with. I tried restarting, didn’t fix it (panel now just shows no programs open). I can still interact with icons on the panel though, and use it to open programs.

All other functions of the system work as normal, including KDE programs like system settings as well as all other programs. I am using latest stable branch packages. I haven’t performed any package changes for several restarts, and the problem occurred seemingly at random after a wakeup. Right before I put my computer to sleep I had recently exited out of Stardew Valley on steam (games are normally the cause of issues like this, but they never stick around after a restart).

Edit: Curiously, the alt+tab menu functions as normal

Doing a second restart fixed it lol. Joys of being a Plasma user

Edit: Nevermind, broke after 30 seconds of uptime

Edit: Another restart, now it’s working again… hopefully for good? Now that I know it can be fixed, guess I’ll just wait until it happens again to see if I can get enough reproduction info for a bug report.

Happens to me too, exactly the same symptoms.
I’m using Nvidia closed source driver and X11.
Started when i was on Manjaro unstable branch, did the rollback on stable and it’s now still happening.

I’ll try a reinstall of KDE

Edit: Steam Beta is to blame, fix already shipped

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