All vim configs lost (possibly after updates) but .vimrc unaffected


I have tried restoring my system to before the last pacman updates I ran yesterday, however the problem does not seem to be solved. It is odd because my vimrc is still there.

Other applications that call vim only seem to want to run vim as sudo. Vim is also reading at the bottom of the screen “as sudo on files that require root permission” OL OB.

Apart from unistalling and reinstalling vim, I’m not sure what else I could try (haven’t done this yet). Seems like it could be a problem around root permissions, but I’m not sure what.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I have checked my own system and can’t replicate the problem. What application are you running that is calling vim and causing the issue?
do you see the same behavior starting vim from the terminal?

Thanks for your response. I am always running vim from the terminal, and have found this problem when using calcurse, which is the ncurses calandar app that I use. It has the ability to make notes and I have editor set to vim. I have also had this problem with my URLs list in newboat - my RSS reader.
It’s funny because I cannt think how on earth I have done this. DO you think it would cause any issues to simply install (leaving dependencies) vim and then reinstall?
It’s annoying because I write everything in vim! Another thing I noticed is that I am now getting errors in my vim config reported whenever I open it, which I never had before.
Many thanks for any thoughts.

I gave it quick try with calcurse, and that was working fine as well. On a daily basis i use vim in combination with ranger and have never noticed a problem.
Just for the sake of completeness are you using vim or neovim? My tests were done against vim.

I am using just plain vim. Many thanks for looking into this. I am also getting an error message when I try to just open vim from the terminal:

Error detected while processing /home/iz/.vimrc:
line   13:
E518: Unknown option: set 
line   19:
E492: Not an editor command: Latex-Suite when tex file opened filetype indent on "enables automatic
line   20:
E492: Not an editor command: indentation set showmatch " show matching braces when text indicator is over
line   21:
E492: Not an editor command: them 
line   25:
E492: Not an editor command: ^IVimEnter,Winenter,BufWinEnter * setlocal cursorline autocmd WinLeave *
line   26:
E518: Unknown option: augroup 
line   50:
E15: Invalid expression: "'latex' let g:vimtex_view_method = 'zathura' autocmd VimLeave"
line   51:
E20: Mark not set
line   55:
E15: Invalid expression: ""," set nu inoremap jk <Esc> :nnoremap <F2> :w<bar>!latexmk"
line   56:
E492: Not an editor command: -pvc % <Enter> :nnoremap <F3> :!latexmk -pdf %<Enter> :nnoremap <F4> :!
line   57:
E492: Not an editor command: zathura(echo "%").pdf<Enter>
line   62:
E518: Unknown option: set 
"as sudo on files that require root permission" [Not edited] --No lines in buffer--
line   83:
E488: Trailing characters: Plug 'scrooloose/nerdtree', { 'on':
line   84:
E20: Mark not set
line   85:
E481: No range allowed
line   86:
E20: Mark not set
No mapping found

It looks like it could be a simple problem with my vimrc perhaps. I’ve never had any errors in it before. Perhaps I need to try restoring that again. I’m not sure why vim is saying “must run as sudo on all files that require root permissions…” Maybe I need to check that I’ve not switched all files to requring root, but how I could have done that I don’t know!

I also have a mysterious file that has appeared in my home directory called “as sudo on files that require root permissions”… It really does look like vim has bugged in some way.

Looking over those error messages, a lot of them seem to be tied to your latex customization. You might want to check that install, and look i to your vimrc for those entries as well.

I‘m afraid that is all I can think of.

I see what you mean. I will play around eith my vim and latex config, and potentially reinstall if you no joy. I’ll also post again here once it’s resolved. Thanks for your pointers. Again, really strange what I have done here!

It was a problem the indents on my .vimrc, which threw everything off! I think the file could have got messed up when github changes happened earlier this months, although not sure. Thanks for your help!

You figured it out all by yourself, I was just playing sounding board.