All the taskbars missing in KDE minimal installation

I’ve just made a fresh installation with KDE Plasma minimal ISO. However, all the task bars are missing when I boot the operation system. Is it by default or is there a bug? Here is a picture,

Looks like a problem with plasma.
Pulse alt+space and run plasmashell --replace


Thanks, it worked. But the same problem occurs each time I reboot the machine. Is there a permanent fix?

Without knowing the exact problem, no. The easy way, reinstall plasma, not the whole system. The hard way, start looking the logs and try to find the problem.
Other way is editing /etc/defaul/grub and remove the quite option. save the file and run sudo update-grub. This will show you all the info while booting up, maybe there you can find the problem


How exactly do I remove plasma and install it again?

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Before that, check what graphics driver are you using, post the output of
inxi -Fanzy
sudo mhwd -li
journalctl -b -xe

to reinstall plasma, just run
sudo pacman -Syyu plasma-desktop

Sorry, reinstalling did not help.

Post the output of the commands posted before