All Manjaro Torrents Stalling - using either KTorrent or QBitorrent

There’s seemingly an issue with ISO torrents at present where they stall as soon as they are started. I first noticed this at the weekend but it’s been the best part of a week with no Torrent transfers which is highly unusual. Yes torrents can stall but not typically to this extent or that fast normally.

My router and PC are not blocking the ports as I have other torrents which still work for LibreOffice. It’s also not my DNS settings.

I’ve asked strit about this as he used to look after torrents but informed me this is no longer the case. Problem is, the torrent files still look for the strit mirror tracker and none of them are able to locate the actual peers or seeds. apparently it was possible to download the torrent via webseed but that still won’t allow it to start seeding afterwards.

So it from my end it would appear the torrent configurations linked to from the ISO download pages on OSDN need some attention. As it stands I am currently unable to seed any release build ISO images as normal as a result.

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The Manajro torrents are private. Which means that normal torrent programs will not try to find peers thru DHT or similar methods. Such kind of torrents need a tracker.

Since the tracker is not any more available, you can’t seed. You can only download because the torrent files also include a webseed url. If your torrent program don’t understand webseed urls you even can’t download.


Okay, thanks for clarifying what’s going on. that said it needs looking into then as the whole point of the torrent being available as a download option is to share the bandwidth load away from the OSDN account and allow us to seed it on to others who want the ISO too.

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