All cursors are darker than normal on X11 on an RX 6800

On a clean install of Manjaro KDE on an AMD Radeon RX 6800, all cursors are slightly darker than they should.
For example, the default cursor should be dark grey with a white contour, but on Manjaro KDE it shows as full black with white contour. If I pick a yellow cursor, it shows a dark yellow cursor, etc.

This ONLY happens on X11 on this system. If I load the KDE Plasma shell on Wayland, the cursors are rendered correctly.
This also does not happen on my laptop with Intel integrated graphics, even on X11.
This also does not happen on GNOME on either X11 or Wayland.

This only happens on Manjaro KDE, on X11, on this computer.

I wish I could show you a screenshot, but when I take a screenshot, the cursor is rendered correctly only on the screenshot. I also tried to take a photo of the screen, but the camera does not pick up the difference. The pixels glow too much.

It’s very annoying because the anti-aliased diagonal lines on the cursor are not consistent with the vertical lines of the cursor because they are darkened.
I’ve searched online but I found no reference to this problem. Can anyone help?