Align number of likes to number of emojis

EDIT: Apparently, it's not standard Discourse functionality but a plugin

I ran out of emojis today, so I opened a feature request over on Discourse meta (the platform the Manjaro forum is running on) to ensure we all get to have the same amount of :+1: as we have :heart:

So head over there and :heart: and :+1: the :poop: out of that feature request, please!

Pretty please with unicorns and rainbows

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down with this sort of thing!

(you having more is fine with me, i adblock them anyway)

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Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Also, considering some emojis mean the opposite of a like, it may not be such a good idea...

Someone who :-1: all posts in a rage?
I'm asking for the number of emojis to be equal to the :heart: so that should limit it to what we already have today...

Do you mean the daily quotas? I thought you meant the counters in a post.

Daily quotas... Am I being confusing again??? :scream:

Seems like the software is trying to curb your activity for your protection. :slight_smile:
The same as in a topic no more than two/three posts in a row.
(I think in my "wallpaper" they turned it off for me, I believe :slight_smile: )

So take a break again :wink: :slight_smile: or ask the admin for more :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

First time in a few months that I've run into this limit... If I get that new job next Monday, I'll be around quite a bit less anyway...



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Can I then mark post #8 as the solution :slight_smile:

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